Birmingham - day 1 of 58


I woke up this morning not in London, and with no classes to attend at Guildhall. Weird. My phone tells me that today is day one of 58. So I guess that makes yesterday day zero.

On day zero, my heroic mother drove me through the snow to Bournville, where I will be staying for the next two months. I am now sharing my life with two lovely cats (Alfie and Blod), two gorgeous Schnauzers (Murphy and Harley) and two of the most generous, kind-hearted women I could hope to meet. There is something rather nerve-wracking about committing to live in a house you have never seen, with people you have never met - but I guess it comes with the territory. Anyway, they have purple lampposts here. Cadbury purple.

We start music calls this evening. It feels a bit like Christmas eve, or a first date. That nervous excitement in the pit of your stomach, the slight risk of disappointment, and the anticipation that something wonderful might be about to unfold. And so begins an eight week long adventure - I look forward to sharing more here!